Impress clients and free your team up to create

Our rapid video creation platform gives your team everything to streamline the creative process and create professional video faster than ever

Before Storyblocks for Business

    Deadlines and budgets are tight. Clients are expecting faster and faster turnarounds, making it hard to deliver your best work. Your team’s creativity is restricted by inefficient, time-consuming processes. Approvals and rights usage is a constant battle. You’re forced to choose assets carefully, billing clients for each individual one and keeping track of every invoice.

    After Storyblocks for Business

      Concepts are easier to pull together and share with clients, who love that they’re able to see visuals right away. With unlimited downloads, your team’s creative process isn’t held back by waiting for pricing approvals and you can test changes quickly. Maker, our simple video editor, helps editors save time and resources on storyboarding and pitch tapes. With only one flat annual fee, you’re providing even more value to your clients.


      The Storyblocks for Business difference

      Spend more time creating

      An all-in-one rapid video creation platform that allows you to jump right in to create, test, share, storyboard, and edit in one place, helping your team save valuable time and deliver to clients more frequently.

      Professional, diverse stock

      High-quality footage and templates impress clients, with diverse models to authentically represent any client’s target audience and stand out from the competition.

      Unlimited downloads with full rights

      Zero limitations and fully-cleared stock give your team full creative control and your clients peace of mind in distributing finished work across all media.

      Trusted by industry leaders

      The Washington Post

      Full legal protection with unlimited distribution

        With a business license written directly to your organization, you've got all the rights and coverage you need to create without limits. Our business license provides worldwide rights in perpetuity and covers your business for up to $1,000,000 in indemnification. Whatever you create and wherever you or your clients distribute, you're fully covered. Clients need a license for raw assets? No problem - we can do transfers via our Client Billing Tool.

        Changing the faces of stock

          Re: Stock is an ongoing initiative to diversify our library with authentic footage by hiring filmmakers from underrepresented communities.

          Create video at scale

            Enable anyone on your team to easily create high-quality video quickly with Maker for Teams, our video editing tool that connects directly with Storyblocks’ content library.  Leverage brands, templates, and shared projects to create with confidence and get your videos in market quicker.

            Imagine your team with Storyblocks for Business

            Client demand for video is only growing - simplify your team’s creative process and start creating faster and better content than ever.