Green Screen Footage

Use our library of green screen stock footage to create imaginative, epic shots for your projects.

Endless opportunities for creative shots with green screen backgrounds

Need to add an explosion effect to your video but don’t have the budget? Can’t shoot on location but want to layer two shots together? Our library of green screen footage helps you create an imaginative, epic shot without breaking the bank. From technology motifs like tablet screens and interview setups to smoke effects or people against a green screen background, we have all the footage you need to tell a great story.

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woman dancing hip hop against green screen

A young handsome businessman puts out a hand with a product, smiles and nods - green screen studio

OOPS - word speech balloons comic style animation, 4K retro cartoon comics animation on green screen

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What is a green screen anyways?

Also called "chroma-keying," filming footage against a green screen allows you to layer two separate shots together. For example, if you can’t shoot on location, you can film your subject against a green screen and drop in a background after the shoot. Green and blue colors were originally chosen for the background because human skin tones don’t have any blue or green, making it easy for actors to stand out. Today, chroma keys can technically be any color, but green is still the most common, which is why it’s called a “green” screen. Many of our customers use green screen footage to create a more polished look and feel in Youtube videos - for example, by compositing a professional studio background behind an interview subject. Whatever your project, green screens are an essential tool in any video editor’s toolkit

Why Storyblocks?

Built for your budget

Traditional stock sites limit content with a pay-per-clip model, but Storyblocks gives you unlimited downloads so you can create more. Choose an affordable subscription plan that gives you everything (including green screens and motion backgrounds) you need to focus on creating - not worrying about budget.

Flexible, clear licensing

All of our content is 100% royalty free and worry free, so you can work faster than ever knowing you’re always covered. Plus, you get the highest level of industry coverage from both our Standard and Enterprise licenses.

Professional, polished green screen video

Discover studio-quality clips without the price tag. All videos are created by professional filmmakers and videographers, and are hand-selected to make your project look as polished as possible.

Easy editing, epic shots

Each green screen clip is easy to work with using programs such as iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, and DaVinci Resolve. Create epic video projects without the effort of shooting on location.

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